Bill Nye the Science Guy! And His ‘Eye’ on the Controversial Topic — GMO Foods

Bill Nye! Boy! Growing up, I remember how excited I was to watch his show every week. And he still exists! 😉 Now, with a different show — “Eyes of Nye” — educating young kids just as he has for 20 years! But the information on this video is not only relevant to the youngsters, it is relevant to everyone. He breaks down the GMO (genetically modified organisms) debate in his amazingly fun and thorough way! Check it out!

Rachel L. Carson — One of the First of Our Kind


If You’ve Eaten an Organic Apple This Week, Thank Rachel Carson

Now, this is what I call a true crusader. Definitely would’ve liked to partake in a conversation with Ms. Carson…actually, an interview of some kind would’ve been amazing…. so that I could ask about her background and knowledge with regard to the umbrella of topics under what is: ‘environmental conservation‘. In the 50s and 60s, she seemed to be quite the revolutionary–discussing what were the environmental problems that she believed agrochemicals caused… quite a unique thought to have at that time.

According to the author of “If You’ve Eaten an Organic Apple This Week, Thank Rachel Carson“, Steve Holt, Rachel L. Carson “laid bare the chemical reality of our food system, condemning its consequences for the land, wildlife, and human health. President John F. Kennedy would quickly become ‘aware of Ms. Carson’s work and launch a Science Advisory Committee to study the issue in 1963.”

She is such the inspiration. After reading this article, I actively began clicking away on, searching for what will be my first purchase of one of her books…and the pick — Silent Spring ! I will keep you posted on my read! Cheers!