I’m Back! ♥♥ And sharing an outstanding infographic!

Hey VeggieLuvers! I’ve been on a brief hiatus, but I am back! And in true VeggieLuv fashion, let me introduce you to an amazing, new infographic — Crazy Sexy Cheat Sheet to Plant-based Calcium. I absolutely love this one. As it shows, drinking a power-packed green smoothie almost doubles the amount of calcium found in a glass of milk. And who says vegans/plant-based foodies can’t get adequate amounts of calcium?? Kris Carr, the amazing author of Crazy Sexy Diet (one of my favorite books), as well as author/creator of other fantastically informative books, programs, movies, etc., has done a great job on this one. She let it be known…us “plant-passionate” foodies have nothing to worry about! Love! ♥ And check out her website…it’s a “Crazy Sexy Wellness Revolution”! 🙂 http://kriscarr.com



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