Holiday Treat: Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s


Found these on a VegNews post and the description of them made my mouth water. These vegan cookies are right up my alley, because when I give in to my sweet tooth every once in a while and eat something unhealthy, I tend to choose Oreos (which are also “vegan”), but these happen to be much more tasty. And considering the fact that they are a seasonal item (I’ve heard they’re only available for a couple short months), I headed over to Trader Joe’s and bought a box of them yesterday.

My thoughts — They taste just how VegNews describes them — a light, vanilla-mint creme filling (vanilla with bits of peppermint candies) in between two amazingly crisp chocolate cookie wafers. These vegan “joe-joe’s” are good! SO good, in fact, they actually have their own Facebook page with over Three Thousand likes! SO glad that I bought them and I am truly savoring every last cookie…yummm…

**Just heard that Trader Joe’s also has Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Joe Joe’s. Guess I know where I’m heading tomorrow (with high hopes that they are also vegan friendly)!

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