Jay-Z & Beyonce’s “Spiritual cleanse” ?

’99 problems but a fish ain’t one’: welcome to the vegan life, Jay-Z

Wow. Celebrities and their star power. Apparently, on Tuesday, Jay-Z announced to world that he and Beyonce are going on a 22-day plant-based “spiritual cleanse”. This has sparked a huge uproar of media attention surrounding a lifestyle choice that people have embraced for years and years. I am still a firm believer that any positive attention to the plant-based lifestyle is a good thing. I run across people every day that wonder about the vegetarian, vegan and plant-based diets and the benefits. This news has definitely sparked the conversation on a worldwide scale (there are thousands and thousands of articles on this one topic alone). And if this opens up the dialogue on the many, many rewards of vegetarian/vegan/plant-based lifestyle, I am all for it!

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