Chicago Restaurant Review: Kitchen 17

kitchen 17

I recently visited Kitchen 17 with a friend last week. It’s located on the north side of Chicago, right off of Broadway on West Briar Place. Walked in and was immediately greeted warmly by the owner, Don, who so kindly suggested some of their most popular dishes. And I definitely needed help deciding, as there were so many delicious options to choose from. It’s also very rare to walk into a Chicago restaurant that is exclusively vegan and one where all the items on the menu sound just as tasty as the next. I ultimately ended up choosing the Rosemary Veggie burger and a slice of lemon cake for dessert. The burger was fantastic. Very hearty, grainy and the seasonings were spot on (the rosemary was an amazing touch). The burger was topped with a hummus spread, this wonderful sesame tahini sauce and the traditional: lettuce and tomato, all in between soft, crisp ciabatta bread. Cannot forget the dessert! The lemon cake was light, fluffy and just the right amount of citrus flavor. I could have easily had another piece or two…or three, it was just that good.

*Forgot to take pictures of the food! I was so mesmerized by the meal. Next time, I will definitely take pictures and post…and believe me, there will be a next time. 😉

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