And the Journey begins…

When deciding to become vegan, I thought, “I’m going to have an extremely rough time transitioning in Chicago.” It’s not like I’m in Los Angeles or even New York City for that matter. IT IS CHICAGO. Home of the Chicago dog and city of Chicago-style pizza. I barely knew of any restaurants that were specific to or even with dishes that were vegan, plant-based. I didn’t know where to start. But, I sort of figured that in Chicago, there would/should be a few here and there. The real issue though…how would I survive on this diet every single day? I was so used to going out to eat often; it is all apart of socializing and most importantly, it’s an easy way to live. No home cooking involved! I met up with friends and family at local restaurants at least twice a week. Another issue: would I have to eat beforehand (to make sure that I have something of substance in my stomach before heading to the restaurant)? And/or would I get stuck eating a boring salad and feel extreme hunger pains afterwards…all the while watching others at the table indulge in all of the delicious, tasty foods. Of course, this would not be my ideal situation.
At the end of the day though, I knew that this diet transformation was not going to be an easy one. I spent my whole life eating whatever I wanted and MORE. But, with all of the positivity surrounding the vegan/plant-based lifestyle and after reading Dr. Campbell’s book, it was definitely worth a try. My initial plan was to stick with the diet for 2 weeks. I figured that was doable. Just to try it out. If it worked for me, if I actually felt at the benefits that have been mentioned (more energy, healthier, happier, etc.), I would stick with it. Otherwise, I would go back to my old ways. Nothing to lose and I would stick it out. “Just two weeks!” I kept telling myself.
And after I finished up the 2 weeks, I ultimately decided to continue eating a plant-based/vegan diet! And by continue, I mean, make it apart of my lifestyle.
This website serves as my journey…Hope you enjoy!

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